Online plant shopping.


Throughout this lockdown period I have become familiar with online plant shopping. I’d not used this service until recently, being someone who prefers to see and touch and look at the plant I’m planning on purchasing.

This aside, with the situation at the time, my choice was online or go cold turkey on buying plants! Obviously I decided to give plant shopping online a chance. What follows is my experience of this service so far.

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The first delightful thing about online plant shopping I discovered was the practicality of getting essentials like soils, pots, and supplies in general. I enjoyed having the heavy sacks delivered instead of carrying them myself.

Another great thing about shopping virtually is the variety of plant apparel on offer from places like Amazon and Etsy and many independent sellers on social media. Social media plant groups are a good way to discover planty merchandise.

There is such variety not found in physical stores it’s definitely worth getting lost for a few hours window shopping online. I found many different manufacturers online that I’d not heard of before and got an increased chance of finding something suitable.

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As well as the variety of sites to purchase plant apparel there are the plants themselves. Since going online in search of plants I have discovered many of the plants on my wishlist. Some frustratingly rare in the shops and nurseries in my neck of the woods. 

Of benefit to myself within this lockdown event was getting to spend more time at home chilling out and spending time with the foliage surrounding me. And ticking plants off of my wishlist. ๐Ÿ˜…

Amongst the multitude of Etsy stores, eBay sellers and Amazon sellers there are some wonderful online plant shops. I’m going to spend the rest of my time with you on my two favourite online plant stores and review them for you.

Purchased from

๐ŸŒฟ is situated in the Netherlands and has a range of medium sized plants to baby plants. Their stock of plants include Alocasias, Philodendrons, Ficus, Palms and Syngoniums, amongst others. If you’ve the patience to wait for it to grow you should check out their baby plants section. You may even be able to find some wishlist plants as they stock rare plants.

I’ve purchased from several times since discovering the store and have gotten some of my own wishlist plants. As these plants were traveling from the Netherlands to the UK the shipping did take up to a week to arrive. Everything arrived in almost perfect condition. The plants came in very professional packaging and had been packed well.

All plants have survived and are now thriving in my ever growing jungle. I would highly recommend Make sure to check them out!

Purchased from The Rich Rainforest


Located in the Welsh countryside is The Rich Rainforest. This online shop has a bigger range of plants available from medium to baby sized. They also stock a variety of beautiful tropical ferns.

They stock a range of plants from Monstera and Philodendron to Bromeliads. This is a good store to find some lovely trailing plants including Hoya, Philodendron and Dischidia.

Again with The Rich Rainforest all the plants I ordered arrived safely and in good condition. Their packaging was done well. Shipping was completed within 3-4 days and again the service was consistent so I would definitely recommend this plant store.

The Rich Rainforest at present has an offer. With every other over ยฃ10 you receive a free baby plant! Go check them out today.

Purchased from The Rich Rainforest


So in conclusion I would say that my experiment in online plant shopping was, and has been, successful. I really enjoyed going through the many different sites looking for the right plant.

I found prices comparable with local nurseries and big stores. And although there is postage and packaging to pay for having your babies delivered to your door is worth paying that extra for shipping.

I will of course still be visiting actual physical stores as I do love to check the plants out properly. And the general vibe of a garden centre. I’m glad to have found some lovely places to purchase some of the harder to reach plants out there.

Purchased from


Stay tuned for more reviews and views on life as a plant lover.

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